Who We Are..


Meet Mana Healing Founders



Simona was born and raised in Northern Italy, moved to The North Shore, O'ahu- Hawai'i at the beginning of 2011. She is certified in Aromatherapy, The Arts of Energy Healing and Crystal Reiki Master. Simona is an "Earth Angel" and always cares for others. "I am here to help transforming people's lives. Healing and supporting others is my soul purpose"

Passionate about Yoga, Natural, Metaphysical and Holistic Medicine, she loves to constantly improve her knowledge about the many benefits of plants and herbs. She is, studying Herbalism right now.

"Years ago, my body stopped accepting the use of harsh chemicals. I then begun making my own beauty and health products."

Creating natural healing potions and balms is what fulfills her Heart.

Being a Channel for Divine Healing Energy and Unconditional Love, allows her to see the emotional side of the issue and to target that field as well as the physical.

She charges each and every product with Divine Healing Energy and adds a little gemstone to enhance the vibration of the ingredients.

"I care about people and I am always available to chat. Especially if it is about guiding someone to the right potion."


Born into California’s Bay Area, Michael began his interest of therapeutic healing while studying Psychology and exploring the benefits of art therapy at Santa Clara University. His passion for healing others of emotional trauma and physical through natural medicine then lead him to become a California Licensed Massage Therapist and Aromatherapist in 2011, and a Hawaii LMT in 2012. 

Of Chinese and Japanese ancestry, Michael naturally became fascinated with the techniques and philosophies of Eastern medicine. Herbology and energetic therapies became staple inputs for his lifestyle of alternative health. He strives to keep a Taoist balance of life by being an activist of yoga, surfing, and organic gardening. He is fueled by living a more natural lifestyle in closer relationship with the Earth. 

 Michael is now practicing massage therapy on the North Shore of O’ahu where he channels the ancient practices of Ashiatsu, Lomi Lomi, Taiwanese foot-reflexology, and fire-cupping. 

The atmosphere of the ‘aina has inspired the creation of plant based medicines for the community members and massage clients. Michael’s goal is, “to creatively share these discovered tools of health and wellness so that you can apply them as effective preventative medicine and therapeutic self-care.”